Baby tell me what's your cell number?

Is ugly indicative of crimes and prison for women. First, what is considered ugly? 

Ugly involves or likely to involve violence or other unpleasantness in addition to looks. Now do pretty women and men go to prison, of course they do, but for men it is a mixture of looks but for women they are usually ugly. Ugly women aka esthetically challenged on the one-hand doesn't carry any speculation of sainthood but often robbin-hood.

Criminals as researched by professors Naci Mocan from Louisiana State and Erdal Tekin from Georgia State University showed – criminals are often indeed pretty ugly. This holds true for women prisoners who are more often involved in a crime, such as property damage, burglary, robbery, theft, assault, or drug-related crimes but seldom do they commit white collar crimes that are usually committed by pretty women with an education. Is ugliness a sign of hopelessness for women so all they have is a path to crime and not marriage. It is a fact that ugly children start to do less well at school because of the low expectations placed on them: they have less belief in themselves, less confidence, they receive less personal attention from their tutors, and so on. These ugly children turn out to be ugly adults that are usually homeless and criminals at best but seldom board members, doctors or lawyers. They are once again confronted with prejudice a pretty woman doesn't get.

Conclusion: ugly people in particular women are more often tempted – or perhaps pushed – into a life of crime than people who are physically attractive. The ugly ducklings amongst us are often devout of the opportunities that befall the beautiful and, therefore, comparatively are more prone to end up in crime.