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We have to accept or confront the truth about some things and their consequences. Let's face facts that some things can be true but not a fact. Truth is a generally accepted outcome or reasoning while fact is a proven other words every Fact is True but not all Truths are facts. Example 1+1=2 is a fact (because there is only one result proven truth to that). What else equals two? A fact has only one proven answer to resolve one question. As an example: Is Jesus white? Which is some people's truth but it is not a fact being there are a couple of pretentious questions to resolve. There are a couple of answers to that one question that's unproven. Therefore Jesus being white is an opinion an expression of judgment or belief about him that can only be someone's truth. People can also use a judgement based on his birth place and culture, and in the absence of any facts try to impress by lessening the importance on his culture therefore using intellectual laziness to

call it a truth.

Religion is having a faith in a truth which has massive appeal but no foundation, but the population yet believes. As an example: Jesus is the son of God is a truth relinquished to the hearts of many. To believe otherwise can make a different thought process a truth as well. So let's face the truths that can have more than one answer. And if you believe in that one answer that's unprovened, that's your own unsubstantiated truth.