(Remembering Dr. King as a man and not a saint) The Trump administration released an FBI document containing allegations about the sexual misconduct of Martin Luther King as part of its declassification of information relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There were attempts to tie King to communist organizations and details a series of claims about King’s multiple alleged affairs. The declassified file is not the first time FBI information about King's infidelity has been made public. I will leave it to the intimates and to the moral leaders, intellectuals, and historians to judge his heart and measure his stature, against these details. Dr. King was a young man and to his defense he never knew he would be bigger than life. So his youthful indiscretions were part of his life and now his history. In released recordings, a longtime Kentucky state senator reveals details about her affair with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what happened in the hours before his assassination. ... Powers was the first black person elected to the Kentucky Senate. His life will always consist of cries and whispers but it won't derail his greatness. Yes, he was a theological genius, nobody could match his intellect prowess then and now and neither his coolness but within that coolness brought a lot of personal indiscretions. Yet, he maintained doing God's will to the end with no financial help from sponsors, or multimillion dollar contributors, but with a church salary and one dollar contributors. He lived life wondering where the next knife, brick, bottle or bullet will come from. His goodness outweighs his indiscretions as history should witness. One thing he would agree with me if he was alive; nothing he did was of sin but was simply not socially acceptable according to J. Edgar Hoover who hid his own indiscretions.