Paternal genes have been found to be more dominant than the maternal ones. Genes from

your father are more dominant than those

inherited from your mother research has shown.

This means that even though we inherit an equal amount of DNA from each parent, the paternal line is mostly found to govern how a person develops into an adult – especially in regards to their health. Looks can consist of both parents features. A common bit of parenting folklore holds that babies tend to look more like their fathers than their mothers, a claim with a reasonable evolutionary explanation.

The paternal-resemblance hypothesis got some scientific backing in 1995, when a study in Nature by Nicholas Christenfeld and Emily Hill of the University of California, San Diego, showed that people were much better at matching photos of one-year-old children with pictures of their fathers than with photos of their mothers.

This hypothesis should carry some weight with Michael Jackson's two sons but there are no father/ son resemblances for either although Prince has more of a chance to be Michael's biological. Not so much from the hair alone but the skin being he has mixed race parents. Even the eyes, nose, and facial structures of daughter Paris has a slim chance of being Michael's biological child.

Whether his children were artificially inseminated embryos or from copulation neither should bring about undistinguished images from the father. There should be some indication of being related among the brothers on behalf of Michael Jackson. As my mother once told me you should know your own child, because some features of the family should be copied.

It is true that children can look different than their parents and siblings but the bottom line is -- infants are more likely to resemble their dads with some apparent feature(s). In viewing the two sons of Michael Jackson using careful observation to find related features, one is not his biological son. And it can be said that his daughter Paris although her features can match her mother's there should be some African American features such as a mixture of straight and wavy hair springing forth .