There is a way for you to get ahead in the job market by optimizing your search for a job. This is for my baby boomers out there who are losing their jobs from reductions in staff, tariffs, economic downfall or plain-o age discrimination. You cannot compete with a Millennial's age or resume but as they say "A turtle with a SOS on its back cannot cross the super highway without help".

Your help is called RESUME TAGS. I had to put that in all capital letters for my bifocal comrades. How do you surmise Google and other search engines work. They use meta tags. Meta tags are placed in the head section of your code that help define the contents of a web page in being discovered. I am simplifying that with search words or tags for a resume in white font. White font tag words in a resume can only be seen by a recruiter's search engine and not by the naked-eye. On your resume your footer should have several industry buzz words in white font, words or expressions that are very often used in technical job language like technical writer, certified, pmp, ITIL for an i.e., service delivery manager job... These words won't necessarily describe your skills, you might not have those skills because they are there just to help. The search engine will recognize them and place you on top being a recruiter has a search criteria the engine looks for. You will never be called to the carpet for those half truths because the recruiters don't know those words are implants on your resume in white font. Just as your resume is in black font on the screen of a computer and on printed paper, those white font tags are there as well, nobody can see white letters but the search engine and it doesn't snitch.

I have letters in white font starting here: ...... ending here. You cannot see them but a search engine can.