It seems to me that the Black brothers and sisters of assumed mixed heritage are the most eloquent speakers for Civil rights. Does their white DNA give them this ability from nature or nuture. I am inclined to believe it is a little of both with assistance from society (nuture) who view lightskinned African Americans as more intelligent than darkskinned AAs because of their white relatives who may have lived within the 20th century.

Lightskinned African Americans have become the most skillful and fearless agents of civil rights. Although Dr. Martin Luther King a darkskinned brother set the bar for speaking which all others are measured by. There are no men or women who walked this earth could speak on the level of Dr. King for the rights of Black people. Malcolm X was a honorable second but he was a lightskinned brother.

What is it with lightskinned African Americans. Is it the opportunity to prove themselves and therefore distance themselves from their white heritage? I am aware that we all have some measure of white blood but it seems to have had no influence on most of our linguistic abilities nor a motivator to be in the forefront of the black struggle. I find no shame in their lightskinned game even if it is a means to escape that near white burden.