The Civil Writer Magazine

Whom do we learn from when it comes down to suffering. What does it mean to bestow the title of suffering servant on Jesus and not Black slaves who toiled in the fields, lived in unfit conditions, suffered from beatings intended to lame. Why was Jesus the suffering servant. He lived a middle class life, had both parents and an education. He traveled freely without shackles and no indentured servitude.

Besides you considers him God so what comfort do we get from his make believe suffering that was not inflicted like pain on a southern slave who was all human. He volunteered to give up his life for a cause when Black slaves reluctantly watched as theirs were taken. Jesus served nobody like the house and field slaves served white masters yet you call him the suffering servant.

He was not a suffering servant but a willing participant. As a God he could control his pain, and how long he would hang and when to rise. As a Black slave you couldn't control your bowels as you were beaten, tarred and feathered. Beaten not to save many lives but from a slow response or an inebriated slave master. Was Jesus hung upside down, castrated, left to suffer for days, and when he died was he given a wooden coffin and an undisturbed plot of weeds in the woods called a grave. Jesus marched to his grave but slaves were carried to theirs. Look at the graves which one is final. Jesus's grave with a convenient roll-away stone entrance designed for his escape, the slaves graves were 3 ft under designed to be eternally entombed.