The Civil Writer Magazine

When you think of love it is the liquid and happiness is the container. Once a crack develops in the container, love seeps slowly out. Love only exist if the container (happiness) that holds it is strong. For any loving relationship there is an abundance of happiness concealed around love to maintain it. If you are at peace, then you are happy, and that develops love. Some believe when you express the emotions of love you create happiness and joy within yourself. It is the opposite you can never create love without expressing happiness but you can have happiness without expressing love.

To say God can be found in happiness is to say everybody have the same God but an atheist can express love without a God. How do I obtain my happiness if I do not believe in your specific God therefore how does two atheists fall in love without God? Both must brings happiness to each other to generate love.

Jesus says to "love thy neighbor" but how do you love without some form of happiness in the equation that they must bring to you as a good neighbor. If you love a dress or suit for example both objects must bring some form of happiness in either how you look, feel or its fit without God being involved. You cannot love God by fear which many do, it is by the happiness God brings you. You only love your mate by the happiness they bring you. When there are cracks created in that container called happiness by an affair, mistrust, or an unsettled issue then love begins to vanish.