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Love is a complex emotion that has many subtleties. Love was never the greatest word for commitment it is a word for affection. There should be another word to capture a greater emotion and commitment for each other than love. Today's love is a transportable emotion; being love can be shared again and again between anyone in a new relationship. Love is like a feather with no load-bearing abilities capable of supporting the emotional weights in a relationship. Love is a placeholder a tool that may be used over and over to take up emotional space until at which time space is no longer needed. Longing-for someone on the other-hand is a stronger emotion of need and desire than love where love is an emotion you can share with your neighbor in addition to your mate. You will not have a longing for your neighbor. Love (Hebrew H157) is to have an affection for someone (sexually or otherwise). Love (Greek G25) is to love in a social or moral sense. Longing (Hebrew H8374) is to desire the time to be with someone that you are waiting to see, someone you love, being that person is far away. Tis the season of Thanksgiving when we love to go to different homes and eat but it is mommas cooking we long-for. Love has a broad appeal but to long-for is a narrowly defined strong desire. You can love in three different ways and love many things but you can only long-for one.