The term Missing gorgeous or beautiful White Woman Syndrome describes the fact that Western media will focus on the murder, kidnapping, or disappearance of Caucasian females — usually identified as beautiful and gorgeous. When it pertains to any other women missing of different races they are just missing. Even missing dogs get more support because the beauty is subliminally applied to the white owner.

*Beautiful, Loving' Mother and 2-Week-Old Baby Go Missing in Texas as Fiancé Pleads for Safe Return

*HIKING TRAGEDY Body of ‘beautiful’ missing Brit, 32, found after being ‘swept away by river’ during a hike in New Zealand

*Gorgeous missing tourist found dead in Mexico

What is the reason for these adjectives surrounding white women but not Asians, Blacks, Native Americans and others. The missing white woman syndrome functions as a type of racial hierarchy in the cultural imagery of the West. Missing gorgeous white woman syndrome has led to a number of right-wing tough on crime measures that were named for white women who disappeared and were subsequently found harmed. In addition to race and class, factors such as supposed attractiveness, body size and youthfulness all identities are unfair criteria in the determination of coverage of missing women. Other female missing children and adults were significantly underrepresented in national news reporting compared to "beautiful white women".

While there is a sizable body of research that shows that white people are more likely than people of color to appear in news coverage as victims of violent crime, there are more coverage for those who are identified as beautiful or gorgeous when it comes to missing white women cases. Do a Google search on 'missing gorgeous women' and see who comes up. Do a Google search on 'missing gorgeous Black women' and you get hair styles.