NO-NO-NOTORIOUS MAYFLOWER HOTEL WASHINGTON, DC The hotel, which is know as Washington's "second best address" after the White House, the Mayflower Hotel, part of The Autograph Collection, is a capital classic, a landmark hotel that brings timeless elegance, integrity and contemporary style to its role as a vibrant social hub – a Washington, D.C. original since 1925.

It is also the hub for many DC political scandals. When it first opened, the hotel had 112 apartments for longer term stays. These apartments had a kitchen, a sitting room, a fireplace, and a 24-hour attendant. It's known as the "Hotel of Presidents."

President Kennedy rented an apartment there when he was a congressman. During JFK's presidency, his mistress Judith Campbell Exner reportedly stayed at the Mayflower for a two years, splitting her time between the hotel and the White House. But that is old news. The hotel also featured prominently during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Members of the House who were trying to have President Bill Clinton impeached privately interviewed Monica Lewinsky in the hotel. In 2008, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was accused of meeting a prostitute at the hotel. The Mayflower is not the only notorious hotel in DC. Where the Mayflower is located on Connecticut Ave. NW, DC. If you are Black or Hispanic and you are walking into the Mayflower you are usually a mayor, governor, president or delivery person but not a wondering guest.