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Omnism is the recognition and respect of all religions or lack thereof; those who hold this belief are called Omnists. What religion(s) do you think God the creator respects? First, we know that Jesus would be respectful of Christianity based upon his doctrine is the foundation of the Christian faith. We know that Allah aka Jehovah the creator mentioned in three major religions would be respectful of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and if not Buddhism, being Buddhism is more philosophical than a God worshipping religion. God's knows that one or possibly all religions may have reasonable truths. Therefore God would be an Omnistic God "opened to the truth about himself that lives in all of these religions". Only God knows what's correct in all religions and which ones would have the correct truth. Therefore as worshippers; to believe in one religion is not wise. To select in parts an assumed correct religious doctrine is not only reasonable but logical and practical.

As a student of theology I know that even Christianity is diverse enough to have Catholicism and protestantism with different baptism doctrines but the same trinitarian belief that God exists as three persons. In some cases Catholicism has a quadruple belief that Mary the mother of Jesus is part of the doctrine of forgiveness. Both Judaism and Christianity have baptisms under different doctrines yet it is logical and reasonable to consider that the truth lies with one of the religions.