The Civil Writer Magazine

Man is a mixture of perfect and imperfections together. He can’t be one alone he must be both. If mankind is not perfect how can a perfect God get an imperfect man to write a perfect book and call it the word of God. God would only permit that if he accepted the flaws he created in man. When someone has strong feelings for you they may tell you that you're "perfectly imperfect" basically saying that they accept your flaws, they like you enough that they see past your insecurities, a way of saying that you're perfect to them. What's odd is nobody knows they are created perfect by a perfect God. Is Jesus saying you must be perfect or else.

An instrument is made to be perfect when it is engaged in music. But once it is played it becomes imperfect and needs to be tuned up but the manufacturer doesn't destroy it because it doesn't play a perfect E flat, he tunes it up. Man was made perfect in the beginning but once he becomes out of tune in life why would God the manufacturer destroy that which he made perfect, but is out of tune.