The Civil Writer Magazine

Isn't it a coincidence that people of the white race caused both inflictions of pain by whipping the backs of human beings who were different and innocent. Yet one victim is praised for their lashes and the other is despised.

Every Easter billions rise to worship the suffering of one Jesus but they continue to ignore the symbolic whips applied to the sons and daughters who are the descendants of the past.

One built a religion and the other built the economy from the sweat of their brows.

How do you become so awestruck from the endurance of one who had a choice and not the endurance of others who had no choices, no laws or God with the same lashes to come to their rescue.

Is it out of character to cry over both events when lives were mutilated for being different. Shouldn't tears be shed for both or is only one worth it because you seek something in return from their suffering.

Whipped Peter