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Prayer is not a guarantee for action it is simply a possibility. If prayer doesn't overrule stage four cancer why would it overrule mechanical or human error. Prayer doesn't cover everything or everyone look at church picnics or church bus crashes. One person has died and at least 18 others are ill with Botulism after attending a church picnic in central Ohio, officials said. ... A driver was sentenced to 55 years in prison Friday for causing a church bus crash in South Texas that killed 13 people. A plane crashed in South Dakota that claimed the lives of nine Latter-day Saints from an extended family. Three Evansville-area men were killed in a plane crash they were elders and frequent volunteers at the North Side church.

Timing and chance coincidently collides indiscriminately with individual or group events. Even when prayer is a daily discipline it doesn't establish good timing for any event you are involved in because that is not what we use prayer for. Do we pray for the right time to go to sleep or awaken, get on a plane, train or into an automobile. Do we pray for various times to go to work. We are creatures of habits and we move by clocks and schedules rather than by prayers.

The short-coming for prayer is that it doesn't always produce results especially if the prayer warrior don't know what to pray for when its in regards to timing and chance. But timing and chance has a conclusion it will happen unscheduled but prayer must be scheduled and specific. Timing and chance has no respect for others time, race, age, status or religious beliefs. Timing and chance will always be on time to meet your time. Prayer has no timeline to meet the timeline for something you are not aware of.