Of all the people in the world the American Christian has a sanitized salvation. There are Christians who can only take baths when it rains in other countries. There are Christians who eat only after collecting plastics and glass bottles in the streets in other countries. Here in America you are as good as your sanitized environment presents itself.

To live like you do you call it a blessing because you know Jesus. What about those Christians in India, Asia and South America. They too know Jesus but a prayer doesn't quite work so succinctly in their favor in those countries as your does in America. Essentially, many American preachers have sanitized their theology so much that there is very little to talk about when it involves poverty because American Christians have it better than any people in the world.

Sanitized preaching makes Christianity more palatable. It includes in its preaching the ability to know how to pray for excess and not food alone.

You have it so easy as American Christians heaven will be a third world community for you.