A man doesn't determine if he will be around for the long-haul with a woman that he has been dating until he has sex with that woman that he believes he is emotionally involved with.

Sexual cognitive consession (SCC) relates to having sex to process and identify the necessary emotions needed to know, or perceive if he is in love with her or to accept or reject that emotional love. Sex causes increased production of “love hormones”. In fact, simple human touch—like hand holding, hugging, and cuddling—releases a cocktail of hormones in our brains including dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—all of which make us feel good.

They plays a different role in the female reproductive functions, from sexual activity to childbirth and breast feeding.

Inleu of feeling euphoric for the man he becomes mentally sensitive. He is capable of making sound judgment, and reasoning afterwards.

At some point he will accept or reject the relationship. If he stays around after rejecting the emotions it is because the woman has become a sexual resource and a sexual reward but there will be no commitment to her and the woman won't be aware of that because she is consumed with emotions.

And while every man is different, of course, there are some common themes: while women connect by emotions, men make connections to be physical. Sex for men is to seek out a potential mate and the excitement behind it. Sex can make a man feel like he is finally home or to suit-up and be gone. You shouldn't give him all until he gives you all without sex and if he is a good man he will give his all emotionally before sex.