Sexual partners are people who engage in sexual activity together. The sexual partners can be of any number, sex, gender, or

sexual orientation. The sexual partners may be in a committed relationship, either on an exclusive basis or not, or engaged in sexual activity on a casual basis. They may be on intimate terms (in which case they are often referred to as "lovers") or anonymous, as in the case of sex with a stranger, a one-night stand, or a prostitute. Simply in a nutshell have you had multiple sex partners. When anyone comes into a relationship they carry with them at least three emotional bags of personal content. Bag 1. Family, religion, Bag 2. Social (work, hobbies) and Bag 3. Sexuality (number of partners and gender). Each one should enter a relationship with a phased-in approach according to where they are in the relationship. Family can be discussed in 2 to 6 months of the relationship. Social can be discussed in 3 to 6 months. Sexual should be discussed near the commitment time. Most will object to having that discussion because the past many feel is the past and should remain in the past. However reexamine that because if it is something that can haunt or can hurt like an STD it should be made known. If the past involves prison you should know it. If it involves multiple children you should know it, and the IRS as well. What about being in foster-care? Should those things remain in the past as well when they can reveal character. Once again if it can haunt or hurt it should be made known. Sex is personal but your childhood, youth and adult indiscretions are too. But the common denominator for all things in the past may reveal a person's character. The only reason a person would not want to discuss sex is fear of judgement especially for women because her sexual activities are always judged as being promiscuous where a man is being just a man. But is he? And is it your belief that it is better left unsaid.