A cocktail refers to a mixture whether alcohol or food. The assortment of whatever it is provides you a reasonable taste of whatever the admixture is. If we apply this same theory to a spiritual palate referring to praying to a cocktail of Gods aren't we guaranteed to reach the hearing God of the universe rather than a blind faith in believing you have the one and only. Isn't it a religious game similar to Three Card Monte where you are betting on reaching the right card. This way to turn all your cards/Gods over at one time.

The Jews pray to Jehovah, Christian's pray to Jesus and Muslims pray to Allah. Which one is the all mighty? Well according to who you ask it is the one they worship. Could praying to those three Gods be a trinitarian formula to reach the God of the universe. Afterall Christian's believe in a trinitarian system that is not biblical. So why could you not pray to Jehovah, Jesus, and Allah at the same time.

It can only increase your chances of getting through the uncertainties through an assurance of reaching the almighty God even if it is the one you already worship. One observation; Allah is Jehovah under another religion and Jesus is Allah under another religion. All one in the same according to theology.