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A dazzling array of snacks from all corners of China can be found in this Beijing night market. You can taste all kinds of Chinese snacks without leaving Beijing. Have a taste of fermented mung bean juice, steamed rice cakes with sweet stuffing, pea cake, caramel treats, sugar-coated haws of Beijing, stinky tofu of Hunan, coconuts of Hainan, cramel treats and mutton skewers of Xinjiang. If you are brave enough, you can also try roasted delicacies including centipede, grasshopper, scorpion, starfish and spiders at Wangfujing night market.

I have been to Beijing at least three times or more, and have visited the Wang Fu Jing market with all sorts of food for the palate, a Chinese palates that is. Because they have things you would step on before you eat it. And to eat them you will have to be out of your mind after being in the desert for three weeks. The reason for the Coronavirus is because most of the foods at the Asian markets are steamed or fried whatever which is the reason Chinese can eat an assortment of things even down to deep fried cock roaches and not get sick but over short periods produces a lot of deadly viruses.

Here lies the problem. Dozens of people are dead in China and other countries as the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread throughout Asia. 1,000s have been infected across the world, the vast majority in mainland China. If you view the fish, animals, rodents, and insects that Chinese people eat you should not be surprised of the viruses that comes out of China. Influenza is a virus that's spread from person to person. It originates, actually, among birds and other animals such as pigs. From these animals new viral strains of influenza (Flu) comes to America and Europe from Southeast Asia. China is always ground zero for diseases that attacks the respiratory system, Africa is ground zero for VDs and the USA is ground zero for viruses attacking the intestinal tract that's just as deadly but contained.