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In your communities and all over the world people have their own god they believe in. Maybe it's all fool's gold investing into a God that appears promising but are not Jehovah, Allah or Jesus the big three. Yet people inspite of who they believe in are blessed with health, homes, jobs and overall welfare. If you say it all comes from one God then so be it but if that is not your belief than thank the god you are with. Whether it's not with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism, ... you are abundantly blessed. You don't just settle for living although that is the greatest gift of all but also embrace the magnitude of blessings that come with living. It is your soul's holiday to take the time out and say thank you to your god. It's a holiday with no define time, season or place of worship. No assortment of tinsels, fireworks or turkey and no annual time defined.

If you have problems consisting of heart, kidneys, stroke or cancer problems ...; if you are hungary, homeless, and sleepless your soul should still have a holiday inspite of. Everyday above ground regardless of the problem(s) is a great day to say thank you.