Sunday church service should be a time of empowerment and restoration but it becomes a time where the defeated preach to the defeated with a satirical sermon that says "you can do all things through Christ". What is laughable about this sermon is, the examples are so limited to solidify that message.

The statement, "all things..." is not suppose to have limitation but it does. (All) means the whole of one's energy or interest but maybe "all things" pertains to a certain Jesus clientele who has a vivid imagination like being swallowed by a Whale, or dead for three days and risen. Or just maybe the fine print that says do all things within limitations were not mentioned.

It seems that Christians can do more things with the help from science and medicine than through Christ and that's provable. So, is science and medicine the real saviors?

The Sunday morning service should be philosophical but it comes off as satirical with the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose church people's stupidity.

Yet church sermons comes off with more nodding in favor then the swivel of heads in disagreement. I for-one holds back the laughter out of respect for the dead, in the pews, only to swivel my damn head in disapproval with the satire that goes unnoticed.

Setup - 11:00 Sunday morning service Punchline - You can do all things through Christ Laughter- Held out of respect