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White Americans love the idea of looking Black and white mixed or Puerto Rican by tanning but not being black or Puerto Rican by birth. In the United States, indoor tanning is a nearly $5 billion per year industry, providing a backbone for close to 19,000 small businesses across the country. To put this in perspective, there are 5,000 more tanning salons than McDonald’s fast food chains in America. All from white money. White Americans can escape lilly white skin for a week but Blacks cannot escape being black for a second even if they code switch in and out of the King's English. Why do white people sit out in the sun too long and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight penetrates their skin and cells, damaging their RNA and DNA. ... To darken the the skin with a pigment called melanin that reduces UV penetration into cells. It makes them some other race for a moment when they get attention for having dark skin. "Oh Becky"