The numerologist, and psychic uses the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more spiritual guided directives to determine someone's life. Yet they cannot use the same tools to predict their own life.

An inventor of aging cream prevents their clients from aging although it doesn't stop themselves from aging. Preacher prays over their parishioners to remove pain and problems and yet the preachers cannot rid themselves using the same prayers for their own pains and problem. Psychiatrists treats people with Psychotic disorders and other mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perceptions. Yet the same psychiatrists uses abnormal thinking and perceptions to kill themselves.

The Urban R&B philosopher Sly Stone said, "The same thing that makes you laugh Could make you cry

And the same food you eat to live Can make you die The same truth you thought you heard Could be a lie That's why the same thing that can make you laugh Can make you cry"

That's life whether rich or poor. That's life whether Christian, Jew or gentile. That's life for the Einsteins in life and the mentally challenged.

No religion, science, priest or preacher has a solution because that's life.