The Civil Writer Magazine "If you travel a trail with nails why continue to replace your tires but not change your path."

What is the purpose for allowing someone to do the same thing over and over again but you are receiving the death threats because of it. Why would God dispatch a redeemer to give his life for your sins but allow the instigator who brings about or initiates the sins to live on. That's not right. In 33AD Jesus dies on the cross for your sins but Lucifer lives on another day as the instigator of your sins. Isn't that like creating a vial of medicine for each sick individual but allows the transmitter to go free as the disease becomes a reality more so than the desired remedy put in place. If Jesus wanted us healed why not remove the cause and not pacify an ineffective response that's not producing intended results. What sickness can you remedy with the cause running rampant, unless it is to build resistance. But how can the remedy and the cause maintain the same space. It is not only about getting rid of the fire but removing the arsonist.