The only religion that use scare tactics among all is Christianity. Hell is the apparent tool of fear, and therefore it is no wonder if fear and Christianity have gone hand in hand. Get baptized or burn in hell. Bless your food or get sick and die. Take communion or suffer damnation. Tithe or lose your blessing. All fear and no peace. Only two world religions are absent of fear, and they are Hinduism and Buddhism. Even Judaism doesn't state to do this or else. Judaism shows prosperities in life by obeying. Religious belief is a symptom of fear that makes us aware that our lives are precarious and vulnerable. Yet it is soften by stating there is a loving God regardless of all these fears. A loving parent has rules but their rules are not designed for you to suffer deadly consequences but to teach. Yes, they persuade you to avoid death but not to meet death by them. Religions have Zoo rules that states stay away from the animals or suffer danger, harm or even death. We know the potentials from a wild animal but who would have thought it would come from the zoo keeper instead. In Christianity the scare tactics premise is over one simple word, "belief" or else. Even if you live a righteous life you are still capable of suffering damnation because you lack belief in the Christian God Jesus.