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If to be poor shows some differences with being rich. And being healthy shows some differences with being sick, and being smart to being stupid being they are not the same shouldn't there be some concerns when white Christians show some differences socially and economically to Native Americans, Hispanics and black American Christians when they all have equal beliefs in Jesus. But it seems that Christianity for whites does shows some differences to other races believing in Jesus. Meaning whites have more proportion of good health, education, income and welfare to participate in the same manner of (worship, tithing, beliefs and prayer).

Therefore how can the three races of people have it so different than whites under Christianity when they pray in the name of Jesus. White Christians are living so bountiful receiving a generous bestowing of gifts and favor under Christianity but many Christian Native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans are struggling after 200 years of being proselytized.

Devotion to Jesus has been a large part of the Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanics experience. Shouldn't they as Christian people appear on the same bountiful stage as white Christians with social and economical wellbeing, security, health and education? The top issues for Hispanics are impoverishment, immigration and education. The top issues for native Americans are health, education, impoverishment and unemployment, violence against Women and Children. The top issues for African Americans are health, imprisonment, abortions and lack of a family structure. Last but not least a rising death rate for middle-aged white Americans is their single issue. White deaths outpace white births in more than 50% of states, and by 2045 the U.S. population will be less than half-white. But that is not from a racial or economical profile that is something they have done to themselves from drugs increase and fertility decrease but yet Christianity seems more favorable towards them than others.