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If you research the Bible the word cheat or cheating you will not find. Cheating, [cheat on someone] to secretly have sex with someone other than your husband, wife, or partner. You can also say that someone is unfaithful to their husband, wife, or partner. She discovered he'd been cheating on her. The Scriptures addresses and/or prohibits certain sexual sins such as adultery but not cheating involving a married man and a single woman.

Well you say it is adultery on the man's behalf to have an affair with a single woman but it never was a sin of Solomon or David by accumulating concubines. Well you say it is fornication but fornication was never a sin of Solomon or David with the accumulation of concubines. Biblical passages directly relating to Solomon and David, and the chronology and timeline of both lives, refute this claim of adultery and fornication involving a single woman. Only if she is a prostitute that fornication exist and a married woman for adultery to exist.

This is why the Bible doesn't use the word cheating or affairs from a sexual connotation as a sin. This is why men do not struggle with the act from a biblical perspective but only from a social and cultural standpoint. God only gets upset with adultery as he was with David and Bathsheba but not the relationships Solomon and David had with 100+ concubines who were once single but was never an issue with God.