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Slavery of millions of Africans lasted for over 250 years it served as the saddest event in US history. In comparison to slavery from a matter of pain but far short on time was the Holocaust of millions of Jews. We also cannot forget the Herero and Nama holocaust the first genocide of the 20th century, waged by the German Empire against the Ovaherero, the Nama, and the San in German South West Africa

(now Namibia). Between 24,000 and 100,000 Hereros, 10,000 Nama and an uncounted number of San died as a result of the genocide.

These three events suppressed another human being's freedom. The differences between the three events were Jews were fenced in behind barbed wire fences on concentration camps, Namibia Africans were physically contained by the desert and fences and Black American slaves were fenced in mentally on fenceless plantations.

Although they all have suffered tremendously from the scarring of the body, and the mind each offspring in particularly the Jews and African Americans handled the events differently. The Jews had physical restraints of double layered barbed wire fences and armed German soldiers. The negro slave had mental restraints that blocked their path to freedom from a fenceless plantations.

Jews carried serial number on their arms to remind them of their imprisonment and the negro slave carried a stigma on the mind that reminded them of their pass imprisonment. There is a slave mentality or slave morality

that does not aim at exerting one's will by strength, but by undermining their own powers and God given invested authority to pursue life's happiness. The Holocaust survivors and their offspring showed remarkable resilience in their

day-to-day lives and among their offspring. The Holocaust survivors had skills to prosper after their tormented event using math, science and trades. Black Americans cannot totally use racism as an excuse because racism also involved the Jews, remember "no Blacks, no Jews and no dogs". Slavery put Black Americans in a fight or flight mode but the Holocaust put Jews in a financial thinking mode to control their own destiny.

Black slaves were not fenced in but their minds were.