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What is Christology? Christology is the understanding of Jesus as a messiah, but never should it be Jesus as a God. A messiah was never intended to be a God but a king like David for Israel and not for the world.

Christology is the studies of Jesus bestowed humanity and divinity, and the relationship between the two natures; and the role he plays in the salvation of man. But there is a conclusion to this delusion and that is to deceive and conspire by the 12 followers of Jesus to get people to believe that Jesus played multiple roles as human, messiah, and God.

And of the multiple roles Jesus played never once did Jesus say "I am" to any of those roles. Jesus never once said I am the only begotten son, I am a messiah or I am a God, these titles were written into the script 40 to 50 years after his death to get you to some day hold all this to be true and self evident that not even his religious brothers and sisters who lived at his time to 33AD and who believed in Jehovah God would accept Jesus's divinity under empirical observation by being eye witnesses. Empirical evidence is not solidified in a book but is information received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation. You cannot experience any of Jesus's roles as the son, messiah or God. Those are all unsubstantiated beliefs that were conclusions made for you by the 12 apostles that he was all of those things at once. Where does the understanding comes from for his many roles outside of a book that doesn't divinely state all those things with empirical evidence and present-day observations to solidify it all. You use a tool called belief that you can apply to anything if it presents no evidence.