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To some, the doctrine of the Trinity might reasonably seem like a magic trick: given a single God, we pull three persons out of our theological hat which two are not even identified as Gods. So if three, why not four? Why not ten? Why not a whole pantheon if it can be proven? If by definition, the Trinity doctrine is combining two entities (Son, and Holy Spirit) into God, then a new doctrine called quaternity converges a fourth entity called the evil spirit grouped with the others. 1 Samuel 16:14–16 says, “But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him. 1 Samuel speaks of an evil spirit coming from the Lord. The evil spirit is not God but a manifestation from God. Why wasn't the evil spirit included in the Trinity rather than the Holy spirit that is never mentioned as a connected entity to the Godhead. If Jesus and the Holy spirit can be justified as the elements in the trinity with no scriptural proof then the evil spirit can be justified by 1 Samuel 16.