The Torah states that a woman becomes ritually impure (teme’ah) when she has her period, and it's interpreted from the Torah verses that a woman can’t have sex with her husband during this time. When her period ends, she regains her spiritually pure status (taharah) by immersing in a ritual bath (mikvah). But that is not the story I won't to tell. Periods were absent in concentration camps because the women didn't receive food from the earth therefore they did not produce children even when they were raped because mother earth did not permit it.

In the Concentration camps, the half-starved women didn't menstruate; the body simply cannot afford to replenish the blood supply adequately. And as they were kept on either the bare minimum because they were used as labourers, or even less than that if they were scheduled to die, they were not able to have periods. Many of those who had been rounded up from the ghettoes were probably already in that state living in a concrete jungle when they were arrested, and because so little food from the earth had been stopped from coming into massively overcrowded ghettoes for so long.

The point is we are controlled by the earth resources, food and air. Life and death comes and returns to the ground. Women in the concentrations camps of Germany could not eat from the earth therefore they didn't have periods therefore they could not produce children because they didn't eat from the ground. Not only do we enter the ground upon death, the ground also gives us life. If all we had was a bottle of Coca Cola and bread the body would cease to give life. The earth gives life and not just the sperm and the egg from the body.