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God Jehovah also recognized as the father in the trinity is recorded in the Old Testament as having personally killed a large number of people. Many say in the Christian theology circle that Jesus was this God. So, was Jesus therefore involved in the majority of the divine assassinations involving Ethiopians, 14:9 And there came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with an host of a thousand thousand, and three hundred chariots;....(God killed them all.) during God's time as the notoriously vengeful deity in the Old Testament there were 160 separate killing sprees in the Bible for which God is demonstrably to blame. A total of 2,821,364 deaths are specifically enumerated in scripture as either directly orchestrated by God, or carried out with his assistance or approval as it was with Satan whose belt is notched with 10 killings all involving Job's family. How did this Israelites God Jehovah whom Jesus boosted to be one with, turned from killing to loving the same people. What were the changes of events for God Jehovah to go from killing 2,000,000 to 0 in a span of 400 years, spanning the ministry of Malachi (c. 420 BC) to the appearance of John the Baptist in the early 1st century AD. How could a God of numerous killings turn into a God of love and peace. What happened from the time of the old to the New Testament that involved a drastic change. Are we talking about the same God of Abraham. If Jesus proclaims to be this same God in the trinity isn't he hypocritical to have killed in the Old Testament and in the New Testament state we must love our neighbor. Why can't it be said that the God of Israel is immoral and monstrous afterall there is evidence to support this belief. Are we suppose to ignore this and maintain that God is good. Maybe we are embracing the wrong God.