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Elimination of the Jews was not confined to the Holocaust. It also took the form of rewriting the New Testament to ‘dejudaize’ it, to remove references to Judaism and to recast Jesus and others as white, generating what has been called a favorable ‘European Bible’. Use your senses and observation why are there so many white names in the New Testament attached to everyone that's not a biblical villain, Matthew, Mark, Peter, Paul, Mary, Martha, Andrew, John, Joseph, Luke, Simon, Thomas...etc.. The Jewish villian kept their names in the New Testament, Judas, barabbas, Caiaphas, Herod, Pontius, Antipas,...

The purpose for the European names was to sell the people of the English, Roman and Spanish empires that were all white superpowers of their day to a mutual religion. Therefore Jewish history needed to manifest a white God with an European name called Jesus. Protestant theologians worked hard in a well-organized effort to deny that Christ and others were Jewish. White theologians produced the New European Version of the Bible; not only as a new translation, but a remediation of the Jewish names in the KJV into modern English.

The closes the Bible ever got to Europe was in Macedonia, Athens, Thessaloniki, Smyrna, Ephesus, Antioch, etc.. Turkey is the second holy land in the world in terms of Christian sacred sites although in 2016 Islam was the major religion in Turkey comprising 98.3% of the total population, and Christianity with 0.2%.

Fast forward to today's Black and white preachers who voluntarily cease to speak the truth concerning the evidence in the Bible about the whitewashed names. They fail to speak the truth socially, religiously when they have a moral obligation to do so even if it is not the gospel of God. Why couldn't the New Testament continue with Hebrew names rather than English, Roman and Spanish names. Racism started in Europe and more tactically in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course English speaking names are easier to pronounce but it had generational purposes for John, Mark, Andrew, Mary to recognize their names in biblical history.