This is a rather simple process. If you are having good times in the marriage with your spouse, meaning a period of prosperity or happiness under the circumstances between yourselves. Good times, anytime you need a payment Good times, anytime you need a friend Good times, anytime you're out from under Not getting hassled, not getting hustled, Keeping your head above water.... To then go out and have an affair is unacceptable and should not be forgiving because you were suppose to be living in peace with the assumption that everything was alright. Then the affair was an uncalled for behavior.

If anyone in the marriage has an affair because of fighting, disagreements and at odds with each other than you must examine the contributing factors surrounding the breach in trust. Because there will be contributing circumstances surrounding the fracture in the marriage therefore there must be an understanding to how it happened and forgiveness should follow. Although it is a weakness and there were contributing factors that needed to be resolved. Those unsettling circumstances should never be a license again for indiscretions in the marriage.