A California woman spent two years watering a plant that turned out to be fake. After two years of dedicated watering and leaf-cleaning, she decided it was time for the succulent to be replanted into a sparkling new pot she bought. Then she discovered that it had no roots. “I feel like these last two years have been a lie,” she writes, adding that she wouldn’t even let other people water the plant because she was so bonded with it.

This is a course in religion. Most of what you think is real simply has no roots but are fakes, clones created in the 16th century far back enough in history to come off with some elements of similating truth so mankind have been watering it for hundreds of years. Cloned, transplanted, faked, duplicated, metaphor & simile, ambiguous images or reversible figures, doppelganger (body double) or even copycats. When you study religion what do you believe? Everything has a foundation but the real question is, is it rooted in Hebrew, Latin or Greek or some other third world development.

The 16th century produced a lot of fakes.

The 16th century fornication law has no biblical roots. Man created his own meaning to include two consenting adults sinning by having sex but that is misleading. The latin word fornix has nothing to do with consenting men and women having sex but against prostitution. Yet ministers of the gospel have watered a fake meaning. The 17th century trinity description is a belief in three in one but it is not biblical. The father, son and Holy spirit are not one. This is a fake that man put in history but could not get it into the Bible. It has no biblical roots yet ministers of the gospel have watered it for the last four hundred years. The name Jesus another fake creation of the 17th century has no biblical roots being it not Hebrew, Latin or Greek. It was created after the letter (J) and applied to the King James Revised version of the Bible but was never a part of the original KJ version of the Bible and neither was the name James original because there was no letter (J). Ministers of the gospel have water the name Jesus as if it was original. It is only 500 years old.

Just as it is with the lady watering the fake plant for two years until it was evident it had no roots. So is much of what you believe it has no Biblical roots.