I had a discussion with a South African, his ancestry was East Indian but in South Africa he is considered Colored. The reason why I gave those details was because of the surprise I had in getting this information from someone not Black.

We discussed the slave trade and how it was conveniently sold to the tribal chiefs. There where three things given to the chiefs to sell them on slavery; recognition, admiration and shiny things that made them stand out among other tribal chiefs. It all boiled down to being important.

Let's put this into perspective. Three hundred (300) years ago a tribal chief had a headdress,

a Boubou or bubu a flowing wide sleeved robe accessorized with maybe a lion's skin wrap and a staff, until the white man appeared with shiny things down to a pair of socks. Shiny means different.

Three hundred years later the negro added to the tribal chief's list of recognition and admiration with brand names, approval, and opinion of others. Let me break it down this way. One example is the African slaves who were sold on Christianity not only by the whip the major opinion contributor but by recognition to the master, admiration and the opinion of other slaves. But once the African American were financially established in the 20th century economically, brand names appeared which produced shiny things that boiled down to being important.

The same secrets used to sell to the tribal chiefs 300 years ago exist today with the negro aka Black American: recognition, admiration, the opinion of others and shiny things. Exclusive to the modern day negro, are brand names. Brand names separates the few from the pack by giving them great importance because they obtained the unreachable by the many.