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To those lambs who think they take away the struggles of Black folks, where are you now. When Barack Obama the 44th and former black president of the United States from 2009 to 2017 was in office you would have thought he didn't know what he was doing according to the two talking heads considered civil rights leaders who were self appointed. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley have criticized the 44th president’s centrist tilt, but has alienated themselves from this current administration that always have something to say concerning Black folks and Hispanics.

Where are they today with the new administration? Did Steve Harvey the self proclaimed spokesman for the black cause rattle the minds of the others when he walked away from New York city's Trump Tower with nothing to show for it but a pocket of Polaroids.

The others like Ben Jealous, Marc Morial, etc., have all seemed to become silent lambs as well as if these are good times for Black Americans with low unemployment numbers. But the challenges never end just because we have jobs and low unemployment, some are still struggling with race, gender equality, housing, education and welfare and if not us Black folks, what about our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

What did Dr. Martin Luther King and his soldiers do differently from these self proclaimed 21st century civil rights leaders. Was it a matter of Dr. King working himself towards death catching rocks and bottles on the way rather than cameras? Dr. Martin Luther King had a journey approach that he knew would never end after he was gone. But the others are simply sprinting to preach to the choirs and not the world. Are they simply here to silence the past civil rights history to make a name for themselves. Or are they simply showing their training wheels and humiliation because the targets are not as identifiable as they were in the 1960s. Civil rights doesn't mean Black rights, what about our Hispanic brothers and sisters locked up in Texas cages and separated from their families can we include them. Can there be protest noise again like the 1960s and the outspokenness like the Obama era from the talking heads.