In life when you have a billion people in agreement something is easy, free, satisfying or a give-away. If it is complex and cannot be reached by routine actions people are self-eliminating by the complexity of the problem.

You will not find a billion scientists, or mathematicians because their study and expertise requires one or more of the natural or physical sciences to be checked and balance for the truth. In 2016, there were 6.9 million scientists and engineers in the US alone. There are 35800 members of the four main U.S. mathematics professional societies.

An estimated 2.2 billion adherents to Christianity, nearly a third (31%) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. Islam was second, with 1.6 billion adherents, or 23% of the global population.” Why is this, because pick any religion and it is easy, free, and satisfying with no checks and balances just believe.

Even the most mundane patient at a mental hospital can master Christianity because it is not a complexity and have no checks or balances. Religion is intended to “reconnect” human beings with the divine, to give their lives meaning and purpose and an ethical framework in which to make day-to-day decisions. But because it is easy, free, satisfying and has a give-away to heaven billions even the mentally Ill can be convinced by feelings alone that it is viable. But if you explain Christianity with truth and evidence beyond the scriptures it becomes very complex and then believers become far and few.