The Civil Writer Magazine

The universe is all space and time including

planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. While the spatial size of the entire universe is unknown a lid covers all space and time separating the hundreds of

billions of stars and planets in the universe

from the domicile of God.

No telescope or Voyager spacecraft can ever penetrate this divine lid. No religious grace or faith can find God. To know God's existence is to become as God. Why would God who created the universe settle with the earthly description of Allah, Jehovah, Jesus ....etc., all applied by man.

How can those names fit the creator of the universe. How can those names acquire a visit from God? God doesn't pass Mars, Jupiter, the sun and moon to visit man as if he is the prize possession of this universe with a uniqueness that requires his presence.

Who is man that can require God to remove the lid from the universe and come down to take care of man's material well-being. Don't be so absentminded to believe we are the only ones in this massive universe that have a God who shared himself with this speckle in the universe called earth.