"The Drum Major Instinct." Dr. King preached from the tenth chapter as recorded by Saint Mark. Beginning with the thirty-fifth verse of that chapter, paraphrasing ‘Master, we would that thou shouldest do for us whatsoever we shall desire.’ And he said unto them, ‘What would ye that I should do for you?"

It seems that since Dr. King death the Civil Rights leaders desires to receive from God are notoriety, wealth, power and access to the office of the President of the United States. But not as a chiefest, a servant of all." Not as a Drum Major whose skills are,

•A good understanding of the goal •Having developed a high level of skills •Ha exceptional leadership technique •Their vocal commands are loud and easily understood •They are highly responsible and reliable •They are dedicated to having the people succeed •They work well with the opposition •They know how to teach and assist other members •They have the ability to inspire

Drum Majors like Dr. King do not have corporate sponsors to control and influence their message with money. Drum Majors face adversities and not just the cameras. Drum Majors will give their life for the cause and not give advice behind a pulpit. A Drum Major will go to jail for the cause and not to a convention to make a case.

They stay firm with the message even if the ballot is replaced with a rock, bottle or brick. Where are the Drum Majors like Dr. King today who have their ears; is it corporations, media, religions or does fear have their ear.