In Asia a toddler playing on the side walk and was near missed by a car jumping the curb. In Africa a young girl collecting fire wood and shrubbery was missed by a striking poisonous Black Mamba snake. In India a child caught malaria from mosquitoes but didn't die. In Vietnam the cow was blown up by a land mine rather than the farmer taking it out to the pasture.

Everyone of these individuals faced life and death events that led each one or a parent to thank their personal God. But a Christian believing in Jesus, or a Muslim believing in Allah, a Buddhist believing a God or a Hindu believing in their Gods will put the near death protections on their Gods. Rightfully so because he or she is all they know.

Are there really three autonomous Gods are could every event be the product and protection of the clock in the form of time and chance. Time and chance has no boundaries, religions or special prayer needs. Time and chance has no image, priest, pastor or church. Time and chance has no favorite people or manuscripts. It competes with the Gods of many nations and never receives it's due respect in an event of life and death.