Is Jesus the only God that has dibs on US citizens for communicating with? Why is Jesus the only God that seems to talk to everyone in the US at night. "Girl Jesus came to me last night". Why not Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, and others. Does Jehovah and Allah only have dibs in the Middle East and Buddha only in the east. Wouldn't you think that if you were in Dubai Allah would try to holla at you since Jesus is not there. "Hey hey Christian let me have a few word with you".

If you are saved and Baptized I understand somewhat why Jesus would be the only God to come to you but what if you are a free agent looking for a new God. Now Jesus seems to be everywhere, places he shouldn't be in Asia so why isn't Allah and Jehovah here in the US to speak to you as well. Could it be that they are here in the US talking to you but you don't know it because you hear the same life and after life messages.

It's very concerning that Jesus and Allah are the only Gods in the US that Black folks hear on a regular basis. Is it selective hearing interwoven in the culture to only hear one God.

Ain't it strange that white people only hear Jesus and never Allah or Buddha. Does each God have their own speech system or maybe they offer different groups different things. Jesus is the only white man Black people will let their children listen to but actually he has the only church with pediphiles. I believe all Gods are talking to you with good sound advice you simply don't want to except the fact that it might be another God.

Conclusion: other Gods have good ideas also,  and just maybe, they are asking you what have Jesus done for you lately outside of making promises of a heaven.