The Civil Writer Magazine

“To find the true cause of how we think and feel, find the ‘sponsoring thought’ that created the interpretation that influenced our experience of life.” ~ Bill Crawford

Somebody or something compelled you to think the way you do. It is called a "thought sponsor" somebody or something behind the thought sponsoring from which your conscious thoughts arise. The sponsor has a large effect on your life whether it is an event, thought, look, words or conditions. Just because you are not aware of your sponsoring thought does not mean it does not work in your life to create conditions and events around you. Many have a herd mentality (also known as mob mentality) describes a behavior in which people act the same way or adopt similar behaviors as the people around them — often ignoring their own feelings in the process.

There is a natural selected leader or peer you use to adopt a certain outlook or course of action. To stop this process is to stop looking for individual(s) approval. This is not a simple feat because family, friends, religion and even teachers can be the influencers. What we receive is not always the wrong signal or a bad influence from others but stop and think about self efficacy which is your personal judgment of how well you can execute your own thoughts or course of action to not think like they do.