THIS IS A PSA (Public Stupidity Announcement)

If you are 60 and over and still have over-used credit cards, car loans, a new home mortgage purchase and at least one major medical health issue you are out of compliance for retirement. Your are not in compliance with the rules, policies and standards needed for a peaceful retirement.

At some point you cannot keep up with the Jones but must model yourself with the Geriatrics and slow your roll. It takes at least 5 years to start settling down for retiring it is not a process you make after that first Social security check or pension. Yes, you might be rolling with those checks in hand but tomorrow you might really be rolling with that wheel chair. Good health might not be always and especially if you are a man. And if you are a man of 60 years of age and older and has not considered retirement because you feel good, God bless you but.... you are one ignorant ass head of the household.

I have some medical and financial hiccups but they do not alleviate retirement planning. Regardless of what you have at 60 and over you cannot take any of it with you. Many of you will be retiring or dying with capable mates but why play with the future when you know better. But as I stated, this is a Public Stupidity Announcement.