A deal with the devil (also known as a compact or pact with the devil) is a cultural motif, best exemplified by the legend of many Christian traditions. According to traditional Christian belief about witchcraft, the pact is between a person and Satan or a lesser demon. The person offers their soul in exchange for diabolical favours. Those favours vary by the tale, but tend to include youth, knowledge, wealth, fame, or power.

The cases involving selling your soul to the devil seems to always involve men that's to assume women knew their places with the Lord and men didn't. The cases for selling the soul have always involved singers and musicians who migrated from gospel music to intertaining with Blues and Rythm and Blues to strike it rich. It is almost certain that when the devil was finished with them and gave them fame and fortune their lives were always up ended by circumstances surrounding a woman.

Robert Leroy Johnson was an American blues singer, songwriter and musician. His landmark recordings in 1936 and 1937 display a combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent that has influenced later generations of musicians. Johnson's poorly documented life and death have given rise to much legend. According to one theory, Johnson was murdered by the jealous husband of a woman with whom he had flirted. In an account by the blues musician

Sonny Boy Williamson, Johnson had been flirting with a married woman at a dance, and she gave him a bottle of whiskey poisoned by her husband. When Johnson took the bottle, Williamson knocked it out of his hand, admonishing him to never drink from a bottle that he had not personally seen opened. Johnson replied, "Don't ever knock a bottle out of my hand." Soon after, he was offered another (poisoned) bottle and accepted it. Johnson is reported to have begun feeling ill the evening after and had to be helped back to his room in the early morning hours. Over the next three days his condition steadily worsened. Witnesses reported that he died in a convulsive state of severe pain.

Sam Cooke an R&B singer who had sales past 10 million was shot to death by a woman motel manager after he burst into her apartment in pursuit of an Eurasian girl Lisa Boyer of British- Chinese background he had met in a bar.