Black Americans dream and have imaginations like any other race. Somebody Black in one of these big cities has thought about an Amazon, Uber, Lyft and Facebook during a moment of daydreaming between their 9 to 5 but they couldn't wrap their concept around viable business steps to create a business. As an example the Uber and Lyft concept is not new. In Harlem New York there are unlicensed NYC cabs aka personal Gypsy cabs above east 96th or west 125th where you see all of the lincoln town cars and personal cars which are just waiting to be flagged down, although technically they’re members of car services on the whole who cannot legally pick up anyone on the street and some are residents trying to make a quick buck. Flatbush, Far Rockaway, and Coney Island has them too. Plus, they’re usually cheaper than a medallion yellow, an uber, or a lyft.

This concept of using personal cars used as cabs came from Black folks in Harlem over 80 years ago who are filling a hole. Yellow cabs will take you to Harlem but they will not pick anyone up. The imagination is free for everyone but the ability to put that imagination into an intelligent business plan is what is missing for Black people.

We are all dreamers with the pursuits of happiness we are simply not taught or shown how to put some intelligence behind the dream. One ethnicity doesn't dream more than another they simply have cultural values that broadens the imagination with consistent like-minded people with the same dreams and intelligence. Southern slaves did all the cooking for master and his family and dreamed about owning their own restaurants. For many Blacks their God given intelligence made it possible to turn a dream into a business.

It is ok to dream that is where the concept evolves, but just as important, is the intelligence needed to bring it to fruition.