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Adolf Hitler may have had Jewish and African ancestors, according to a recent DNA study by Belgian researchers who obtained DNA from 3 living relatives. E1b1b, is rare in Western Europeans but common among North Africans, and particularly the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. It is also one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population, present in 18 to 20 percent of Ashkenazi Jews and 8.6 to 30 percent of Sephardic Jews. In other words, Hitler’s family tree may have included Jewish and African ancestors.

J Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI who worked relentlessly to undermine Martin Luther King and others in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, had black ancestors whose existence he desperately tried to keep secret. Millie McGhee is convinced he was. She's an African-American teacher who says her late grandfather told her that Hoover was his second cousin. While people use anatomy and origin to classify people into races, the tool that we typically consider is DNA.

The Census Bureau defines White people as follows: having origins in Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. Genetic analysis enables scientists to estimate the geographic ancestry of a person by using ancestry-informative markers in the DNA, and by the probable racial category into which they will be classified in a given society.

Hoover the mulatto