The Bible ignores the role of medicine and hones in on faith. The reason is, faith gives credence and glory to Jesus and medicine can take it away. But why have the competition for your health when both plan A and B can be used, because neither is guaranteed with or without faith. Faith only offers solence, good manners in Jesus's words, so it lacks the qualifications to provide medical advice nor does it advise anyone to act responsible to a doctor's instructions. That's contrary to faith. If God doesn't choose to heal a person miraculously, many times the tall tale is you being at a critical stage, because you feel it is wrong to seek medical aid over faith? If a Christian sought such help that interferes with God’s will they are not in good fellowship, so they think? Medicine is much more advance than ancient faith that has no instructions on how much faith you should take with tears. Medicine doesn't necessarily heal it is a substitute for what the body can no longer do. Once you empty a faith based bottle with no results there is nothing left but medicine. And once you empty a pharmaceutical bottle of medicine there is nothing left but faith. So use them both.