In this World of different races; Whites, Asian and Middle Easterners, the quality of living for each one of them is equal to or less than African Americans quality of life. If Blacks encounter racism in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it is because American Blacks are mistakingly and painstakingly identified as African Blacks. African immigrants in Europe are either born in Europe or are of African descent but live in Europe. They are shunned and mistreated in many European and Asian countries.

The quality of life for African-Americans are better than most African Blacks who still struggle with education, jobs & justice in Africa and in European on a scale equal to our late 1960s treatment. Africans are looked down on as substandard and subpar people, living below the usual standard of living of European whites or Asians particularly in Japan, China and South Korea. Blacks identified as American Blacks are of equal class or greater than most races in other countries including whites. If racism is expressed it is oftentimes out of ignorance as to what continent you are from.

Do you remember when the Swiss tourism office had to apologize to Oprah because she wasn't allowed to touch a $38,000 designer handbag while recently shopping in Switzerland. She was racially profiled while shopping. she went into a fancy store without her entourage (and without her straighten hair and famously long fake eyelashes), and asked to see a handbag that was secured behind a screen. The saleswoman said, nope, it's too expensive. Look at these bags instead.

The O asked to see the bag again (it was a Tom Ford croc skin, I'd want to touch that, too!), but the saleswoman again steered the media mogul — who is reportedly worth nearly $3 billion — to other bags in what she imagined would be Oprah's price range.

O asked to see the bag a third time but the saleswoman, who was apparently trying to protect Oprah from being emotionally crushed by the price tag, said she didn't want to hurt O's feelings and refused again. Oprah and her $3 billion left the store without buying anything. The shop's owner told CNN it was all a misunderstanding, and it was. Oprah was racially profiled as an African Black rather than an American Black. Which could easily happen because France has the largest black population in Europe.

We all get profiled until we are continent identified and that is usually by our accent using English. If we Black Americans are discriminated against in other countries it is not about income but by bewilderment of our nationality until we speak. Then we are equal in quality of life to anyone we meet in any country.